Adam 1 Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Award:

Mintle_lgThis annual award is in memory of Denny Leo Mintle……………August 18, 1976 – May 20, 2001

The loss of Denny is not only the family’s or our loss; the community lost a great person who just happened to be a great firefighter. We cared for and loved Denny as a brother firefighter. He made us laugh and brought us together as one group. He passed away way to soon from an apparent seizure as he slept. We honor his contributions to the department and the community with this award.

To qualify for this special award, the firefighter must be an all-around volunteer firefighter: someone who has good morals and integrity; someone who is able to balance family, friends, job, fire department, and the community; someone who is energetic and able to handle multiple tasks with a smile.  All of these were attributes of our good friend Denny.

• 2001 – Denny Mintle                                                          2002 – John Bangert
• 2003 – Taw Tamlin                                                              • 2004 – Jim Coursey
• 2005 – Chris Cross                                                               • 2006 – Gordon Alexander
• 2007 – John McWilliams                                                     • 2010 – Chris Ceretto
• 2009 – Shaun Austin                                                           • 2012 – Josh Tapia
• 2013 – James May                                                               • 2014 – Kenneth Rosales
• 2015 – Bill Onken

I Can See The Light And I Will Always Shine Down On You.
I Can See The Light And I Will Always Shine Down On You.