Directions for Plan Review Submittals

Complete a Plan Review Application and return.
Plan Review Application

Pay all applicable fees for the Review Package.
Fee schedule

Plan Review Package includes Civil Drawings, Engineering Drawings, Site Plan Drawings, and Interior Floor Plan Drawings.  Additional drawings for all fire alarm and fire suppression systems must be submitted with the Application for Plan Review.  All submitted drawings must meet all requirements listed in the 2012 International Fire Codes or the current addition of the NFPA Standards.

All plans submitted will need to be reviewed by an independent Licensed Engineer with specialization in fire protection prior to submittal.  Please have the Licensed Engineer include a written report on how the design and review meets the intent of the required IFC 2012 Fire Code.

Three (3) sets of signed and stamped drawings will need to be provided at the time of submittal.  One set of plans will be for the Fort Lupton Fire Protection District Fire Marshal’s Office and will not be returned.  2 sets of signed and stamped drawings will be returned and one will be the approved construction drawings.  A copy of these drawings and the issued Fire District Permit will need to be available at the job site for inspection and review.

If you have any further questions please contact us at 303-857-4603.