Home Safety

Private Residence Inspections Upon Request
The Fire Prevention Division will perform inspections of private residences upon request. During these voluntary inspections an inspector will walk through the residence with the owner, and point out possible hazardous conditions. The homeowner can accept and correct the condition, or ignore our recommendations.

Senior Citizens
We offer classes for senior citizens and events to educate aging adults on how to be fire safe in their homes.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
We offer smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with installation at no charge to senior citizens and those families who cannot afford to purchase them.

 Remember to test your detectors monthly, and when you change your clocks, change your smoke detector battery.

Rural Addressing Signs
We offer emergency 911 reflective address signs to anyone within the Fire District for $8.00 each. These signs are 6” x 18,” double-sided, 100% aluminum. These signs will aid us in quickly locating your residence during any emergency.

Gun Locks
We provide free gun locks to residents of the Fire Protection District.

For more information please call (303) 857-4603