Home Sprinklers

Using quick response sprinklers and approved piping, homes can be built or even remodeled to include low-cost automatic sprinkler systems connected to the domestic water supply.

Sprinkler systems offer these advantages:
• A low-cost reliable safety option that would attract many buyers.
• Trade-offs between sprinklers and code requirements that can result in lower construction costs.

For homeowners, the advantages include assurance of a safer environment for their families, protection of their investment and irreplaceable family possessions, and lower insurance rates.

Fast Response
Residential sprinklers, listed by Underwriters Labs, are now available. They are designed to respond to a fire much faster than currently available standard commercial and industrial sprinkler systems. The new home sprinklers react automatically to fires more quickly because of their improved sensitivity.

Low Cost
At the present time, cost of a home sprinkler system is targeted at approximately 1-1.5% of the value of new construction, as an example a $350,000 home would cost between $ 3,500 and $ 5,250. It is hoped that the cost will decrease as the use of home fire protection grows. It is also possible to retrofit existing homes with sprinkler systems.

Small Size
For home systems, the sprinklers will be smaller than traditional, commercial, and industrial sprinklers, and can be aesthetically coordinated with any room décor.

Minimal Installation Work
When homes are under construction or being remodeled, a home sprinkler system will require minimal extra piping and labor.

Low Water Requirement
These systems will require less water than the systems installed in industrial or commercial establishments and can be connected to the domestic water supply.

Piping Requirements
In addition to metallic pipe, the use of plastic pipe (CPVC) has brought down the cost of installation in new construction and the retrofit of existing structures.