Hydrant Information:

The Fort Lupton Fire Protection District asks all residents to help make sure that fire hydrants within the city limits of Fort Lupton and in the unincorporated areas of Weld County are clear and accessible to firefighters during emergency operations.

Fire hydrants are installed and maintained for the protection of the residents and building owners of the community from loss by fire. It is important that certain regulations and standards be observed so that the use of the hydrants by the Fire Department is not impaired.

The following regulations, as well as those set forth by the National Fire Protection Association, the American Insurance Association, the Water Departments, and those covered by City/County Ordinance, must be observed to enable this department to function properly without delay.

Hydrants Must be Free of Obstructions
All fire hydrants are to be free of obstructions, such as fences, brushes, plants, hedges, or snow with at least 3 feet clearance in all directions around the hydrant.

Fire Hydrants Must be Visible
All fire hydrants are to be free of obstacles in order that the fire hydrant may be seen by approaching fire trucks for at least 200 feet.

Approved Paint Colors for Hydrants
All hydrants should be painted a color so as to be visible under adverse light and weather conditions. The colors painted on the hydrants are applied by Fire Department and are not to be changed except by permission from the Fire Department.

Clearance for Hydrants
All fire hydrants should have at least 18 inches of clearance between the ground and the center of the largest outlet. This must be figured at finished grade level. The break-away flange must at all times be above the finished grade level.

We thank you for your cooperation, the Fort Lupton Fire Protection District.