ISO Classification:

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) sets the Public Protection Class (PPC) rating for properties within the District’s jurisdiction based upon an evaluation approximately every five years. This is how your insurance rates are determined. Class 1 is the highest rating with 10 being the lowest. The District previously had a 5/8B/10 rating. Properties have to be within five (5) road miles of a station and have an ISO approved hydrant within 1000 feet of the property to receive the Class 5 rating. Properties in the District that are within five miles (5) travel distance are assigned a Class 8B rating because there were no hydrants in the area. Any properties outside of five miles travel distance received a rating of Class 10.

The Fire District underwent a re evaluation in March 2016 and again in December 2021. We are very pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2022, we have maintained our PPC rating from ISO of a Class 2 for all properties within five (5) road miles of a station and a Class 10 rating for all properties outside of the five (5) road miles. We are one of only 1,729 departments Countrywide to earn a ISO Class 2 Grade. We again improved our service delivery, according to the PPC review in 2021. The Fire District feels that the improvements made in the Fire District services over the past five years have led to significant improvements of our emergency services delivery which was again confirmed by ISO.

How does this impact you as a property owner? As a result of the improved emergency services PPC rating you should see a decrease in your insurance premium. As an example, those properties that were previously classified as a Class 8b may see up to a 30% decrease and those properties which were previously classified as a Class 5 may see up to a 14%  decrease in premiums. There are many factors that impact how much of a decrease will actually reach the end consumer. Some of these factors include the insurance provider, type of business, policy endorsements, and type of building construction. Some insurance agencies do not use or recognize the PPC in determining insurance premiums.

We continue to strive to improve our services to our entire Fire District.

CLass 2