Message from the Chief

Chief Phil Tiffany
Chief Phil Tiffany

We continue to strive to provide the most efficient and highest quality level of emergency services to our citizens.

In 2016, there were several purchases made to improve the quality of service provided to the community. The District purchased a 2016 Ford Skeeter Brush truck and two 2017 Kenworth 3000 gallon water tenders. Each of these three trucks replaced a 25-year-old or more apparatus. Fifteen additional volunteer firefighters were added, the administration remodel project was started, and we replaced the Voice over Internet Protocol phone system. A grant from Phillips 66 for $20,000.00 aided us in replacing aged rescue lifting bags, and with the purchase of a SCBA Mask Fit Tester.

The most significant improvement was achieved in October 2016. We completed a reevaluation of Fire District by the Insurance Service Organization (ISO). We were very pleased to receive an improved Public Protection Class (PPC) rating from a Class 5/8b/10 to a Class 2 for all properties within five (5) road miles of a station and a Class 10 rating for all properties outside of the five (5) road miles. The improvement from a Class 5 and 8b to a Class 2 places the Fire District in the top 2.4 percent of fire departments nationwide for fire suppression, which could result in lower insurance premiums for residents and businesses effective October 1, 2016.

We want to thank the community for their ongoing support and reaffirm our commitment to you by providing the highest level of public safety possible through well-trained personnel, the proper equipment, and by staffing the proper number of firefighters to achieve their mission.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phil Tiffany,

Fire Chief