Message from the Chief

Chief Phil Tiffany
                    Chief Phil Tiffany

District Board and Community Members,

In 2021, we had many exciting accomplishments. We continue to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic and the impacts on our community and the District. However, we continued to grow and expand our emergency services’ delivery to our community. One achievement that impacted the entire community was the construction and opening of Station 3 on  September 11, 2021. This station will help the District to serve our community more efficiently and reduce response times. We also purchased a demo Enforcer engine from Pierce that saved the taxpayers approximately $200,000.00 and in turn we donated a 1992 reserve engine to the Hugo Fire Department in Eastern Colorado. We were able to update Stations 1 and 2 with a new call alerting system and replace all our existing air pack masks with an integrated Bluetooth radio system to improve firefighter communications and safety. Lieutenant James May organized the MDA Fill the Boot campaign and the Firefighters collected $20,000.00. We hired an additional 14 Firefighters to staff Station 3, promoted four Lieutenants, and one Engineer. We hosted a weeklong CMC Rope Rescue Technician course, participated in a County wide emergency drill, and educated over 1,200 elementary school kids about fire prevention. The District Board approved the purchase of a new 100-foot mid mount platform truck from Pierce to replace a 20-year-old unit and we also purchased an all-terrain 1986 Hagglund BV-206 rescue vehicle. Four additional properties were included in the District, and we completed an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) evaluation. The results of this evaluation will be reported in about six months. A crew also responded to the tragic Marshall Fire in Superior and Louisville that burned over 1,100 homes and claimed several lives. Sadly, we also mourned the losses of Retired Firefighter Tom Nash and Past Chief Ron Ceretto. Our wonderful staff is committed to our community, and I am very proud of each member of our agency and the work they all do for our District.
Respectfully Submitted,
Phil Tiffany
Fire Chief