Message from the Chief

Chief Phil Tiffany
Chief Phil Tiffany

District Board and Community Members,

It is again with great honor that I present the community and the District Board of Directors the Annual Report of District operations and activities for 2018. The purpose of this report is to keep the community informed of the improvements and accomplishments of our agency over the past year of service.  We continue to strive to provide the most efficient and quality level of emergency services to our citizens.

In 2018, there were several major highlighted purchases and accomplishments made to improve the quality of service provided to the community.  The District partnered with Platte Valley Ambulance Service on Continuing Medical Education Training, partnered with UBS-Mollandor/Owens Group as a Financial Advisor for the District, recognized by NoCo Magazine as a Hidden Gem of Weld County, received a donation of 2.5 acres of property for a future fire station on CR 23 from District Board President and long-standing community member Larry Leinweber, completed auto aid agreement with Platteville Fire, purchased a 2018 Pierce Velocity Engine at $630,000.00 from front Range Fire Apparatus, and purchased a 2018 Ford F550 Brush Truck from Midwest Fire at $127,847.00. The roof at Station 1 was replaced. A 1990, Brush truck was sold to the New Brantner Ditch Company to assist them with weed burning along the agricultural ditches. The new Pierce Engine replaces a 32-year-old engine. We also added 11 additional volunteers. In January 2019, Banner and the District entered into an agreement that will place a second ambulance to Station 1 and a Med Evac Helicopter will be at Station 2 for up to 32 hours per month.

We want to thank the community for their ongoing support and reaffirm our commitment to you by providing the highest level of public safety possible through well-trained personnel, suitable equipment, and by staffing the appropriate number of firefighters to achieve our mission.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phil Tiffany, Fire Chief