Training Center

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Training Philosophy

The Fort Lupton Fire Protection District is dedicated to training and continued education of the Fire District’s uniformed and non-uniformed personnel. We develop and provide department-wide training for volunteers, probationary firefighters, mutual/auto aid departments, and employees. A sixteen-week fire academy is conducted annually for department firefighters and surrounding departments. Candidates must be affiliated with a fire agency to attend our fire academy. At the conclusion of the academy, which meets the minimum training qualifications for Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Operations, recruits are then eligible to participate in the State of Colorado Firefighter I written and practical exams.

Line and officer training for the Fire Department includes a variety of topics that are designed to keep all personnel at top performance for whatever type of incident that may occur. In addition to general firefighting topics, firefighters train in emergency medical care, vehicle extrication, weapons of mass destruction preparedness, incident command, technical rope rescue, hazardous material recognition, water rescue, and additional topics.

Our training facility has multiple classroom facilities and available to local businesses and civic groups for training and programs. Eligibility is subject to approval from the District.

Small Training Room
We have two small training rooms that can comfortably seat from 30 to 50 people in each room. The room can also be opened up by removing the divider to make one larger training room with seating fo 80 to 100 students. These classrooms each have wireless computer internet capabilities, projectors, TV, VCR, and DVD.

The amphitheater has a capacity of 100 people and provides state of the art electronics, wireless internet, VCR, DVD, Television with Dish network, and a large projector that will project an 8X8 screen on a screen.

The amphitheater also has a roll up overhead garage door that allows a vehicle or trailer to be brought into the class room for demonstrations.

Burn Tower
The Burn Tower is a five story steel construction training tower with three burn rooms. The burn rooms are located on the first, third, and fourth floors with two interior stairways, standpipes, and sprinkler system. Live fires using wood and hay to generate smoke are ignited to simulate actual fires/conditions that crews may experience in the field. The building can be used to simulate fire attack below, at, or above grade.

Additionally, there is an attic space and the firefighters can rappel from the top of the building to simulate high angle rescues.

Flashover Simulator
The Flashover Simulator allows for students to observe fire development and behavior while teaching the pre-cursor signs of flashover, a potentially deadly situation for firefighters. This is an advanced skill and the completion of a Firefighter I Academy is required.

Facility Rental Information, Rates, and Schedule
The Fire District Training Center offers meeting space to public and private organizations for rental use. For additional information, please call Fire Marshal Taw Tamlin at (303) 857-4603 or  . Facilities may be scheduled for half-day or full-day usage. Rental time must include any time required for event set-up and take-down.

To use the training center facilities and for additional information on costs, you must fill out a use agreement.