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  • Pre-Qualification of General Contractors to Bid on Fire Station Project

The Fire District is soliciting general contractor applications for pre-qualification to bid on this project. Only general contractors that have been approved through this pre-qualification process will be eligible to bid on the project.

Beginning 10:00 a.m. (MST) on Friday, February 7, 2020, pre-qualification applications may be obtained from the Fire District’s web site located at www.fortluptonfire.org.

Completed and sealed pre-qualification applications must be received by the Fire District at the administrative office located at 1121 Denver Avenue, Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621 on or before 4:00 p.m. (MST) on Monday February 24, 2020. Pre-qualification applications received after the submission deadline will not be considered.

Each application must conform and be responsive to the standard application form provided by the Fire District. Any deviation from the standard application form, or failure to provide the required information, may be considered nonresponsive and grounds for disqualification and rejection of the application. The Fire District reserves the right to reject any or all pre-qualification applications and to waive any irregularities in any responses received.

  1. Pre-Qualification Notice – Click Here
  2. Pre-Qualification Application  – Click Here
  • The Fort Lupton Fire Protection District urges residents and businesses on South Denver Avenue to change their address signage.

Addresses on CR 27, now South Denver Avenue, are changing. Make sure we can find you in an emergency. Get a sign with your new house or business address number ASAP to prevent any delays in service.

It is imperative that you put your new numbers in a visible place so that the fire department, medical responders, and law enforcement can find you quickly in the event of an emergency. We would prefer that you use the reflective signs that we provide. Click here for more Information

Emergency Notification Siren Testing:
The Outside Emergency Notification Sirens (Tornado Sirens) are tested on the first Monday of every Month at 12 Noon. The steady tone should last from 30 to 60 seconds.

Our Mission:
“To provide a professional service to those in a time of need with a sense of integrity, pride, and compassion for well being.”

Our Objective:
“Elimination of Hazards”

WeldaCountyaRegionalaCommunicationsaCentera(WCRCC):                                     Emergency, please call 911.
Non-Emergency Dispatch Center Number (970) 350-9600.

Fire District Offices:
Main (303) 857-4603  Fax (303) 857-6619

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