Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic Test
1. All piping and sprinkler heads shall be in plain view from the finished floor.
2. Verify that the system gauge is at 200 PSI, and disconnect any pressure pumps.
3. Walk the building with approved drawings and verify that the installed system matches the drawing.
4. Check the piping to assure proper hanger placement.
5. Verify that the inspectors test location is proper, and the valve labeled.
6. Check for the proper number of spare heads and head wrench.
7. System hydraulic placard shall be displayed on the main riser.
8. Record the starting time of the test, after 2 hours note the pressure remaining on the main system gauge.
9. The contractor shall open the main drain to relieve the pressure.
10. Verify that there is a ½ inch ball drip on the FDC.